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Kermit Black
I have a nerve condition which affects my heart beat. I've seen 18 doctors with no resolution except through Jesus. Need a manifestation of healing
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Terisa Reinholtz
Prayer for P.T.S.D. to get better, the sinusitis I currently am fighting and my Mother's blood sugar to come under control! In Jesus's name, Amen!
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Nancy Granados Lord
Prayer for Robert and his family. He is being deployed to Germany for three years and I am asking for a hedge of protection around them while their there and God’s favor to be upon them. They just left today!
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James Burress
I ask our father God to please renew my mind and for to fogive myself for not living with humility, plus the understanding of life and God's will. God bless C3 ministry and all the churches
21 people prayed for this request!  

Terri Merrill
Restoration from cancer radiation treatment. Balance, vision ability to drive back.
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I am trying to address health issues in my family this year. Asking prayer for who to go to for each of us. That the Lord would give clear diagnoses and treatment of each issue that is exposed. That the Lord would heal miraculously according to his will for his own glory.
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Please agree with me in prayer for my son's heart to be healed towards God, that he may have salvation & relationship with Jesus, and that his disappointed & wounded heart towards Christianity will be healed. Thank you
43 people prayed for this request!  

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