Creative Arts

Creative Arts


Here at C3 Cottonwood, we are very passionate about seeing people’s creative gifts unleashed to express the wonder of God and make His house truly magnificent for our weekly services, and theatrical productions.
God is a creative God and has gifted each one of us so that He can use us to accomplish His eternal purposes.

There are so many areas within Worship & Creative Arts for you to get involved in:  Musicians, Designers, Dance, Singers, Actors, Graphic Design, Video Production, Sound Engineering, Production Media, Lighting, Stage Crew, Music Librarian and Administration, Wardrobe, Set Construction, and more.

C3 Cottonwood is especially known for its major annual events such as the Celebration of Christmas, Celebration of Easter, and Celebrate America, and the Creative Arts Department is a major contributor to that - through the talent and skills within the church.

We are diverse in so many ways and are always looking for new people to get involved. If you are new to the arts or want to expand your skills in certain areas, we also provide opportunities to ‘grow your talent’ through workshops and classes.

Connect with us if you are interested in plugging in with any area of interest you may have - we would love to help you try something you may not have known you could do! 



Our Vision + Mission

  • To see each person who attends our church experience the love of Christ through an uplifting, congregational worship experience.
  • To utilize all form of art and tech to enhance our worship experience and the Gospel.
  • To help those who serve on our team to develop their God-given gift and give back to the church and community.

Our Values

  • Anointing
  • Creativity
  • Inclusivity/Relationship
  • Training
  • Preparedness/Flexibility

Contact Us -  Creative Arts


Connect with our Creative Arts Department!

Mikel Swank is our Creative Arts Director. He would be happy to connect with you for any questions you may have!  Feel free to call us or email using the Inquiry Form on this page.

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