Youth Summerfest

Summerfest 2024

“Empowering today’s generation for tomorrow, through experiencing God today”
I can do all things through Him who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13

Our very own C3 Cottonwood E.C.H.O. Youth group has been invited to attend Summerfest 2024 Youth Camp in Atlanta! This is a huge honor. I’m expecting that each kid that goes, will experience God like they have never experienced God before. Below is information about what to expect with this trip.

When: July 6, 2024, to July 12, 2024 (Camp is July 8th to July 11th) (Total 6 days)
Where: Camp Grace in Georgia – Roberta, Georgia
               C3 Atlanta Church – Lawrenceville, Georgia

Cost: $800 per kid ($400 for flight and $400 for Camp)
Additional cost: Spending money on food on days we are flying and snack shack at the camp.

Departure: Phoenix on Saturday, July 6th.
Return: Atlanta to Phoenix on Friday, July 12th
Deadline to sign up: March 15, 2024
Deadline for deposit for camp: April 1st - $50 per kid and adult.


C3 Leaders going:
Five Adults – Daniel Nevarez, Morgan Kaiser, Kade Gallegos, Candice Ganis, Amada Serrano
Housing: C3 Atlanta will be hosting every youth group with members of the church on non-youth camp   nights.
Camp Housing: There are bunk cabins at the camp site. 8 people per bunk. Adults will be mixed with the kids. Separating girls and boys and middle school and High School.
Transportation: Renting a van to get to C3 Atlanta and back to the airport. Kids will be bussed to and from the camp. They will be stopping at a Chic-Fil-A on the way to camp.

Snapshot of the Camp

·      Tribal Wars – All students and leaders are broken up into 4 teams and colors.
·      Themed Party Night (Last Year was Space Jam)
·      Morning sessions called Master Classes (mental health, men’s group, women’s group.. etc.)
·      Night sessions – Worship and teachings
·      High School Only Night session (Glow in the dark zipline)
·      Thursday morning Baptisms
·      Free time
·      Lake (Swimming, Blowup bouncing games in the lake, Zipline, Huge Basketball Gym, canoeing, Swing rope,
       beach volleyball and a ton more activities.)
·      Sleeping quarters do have A/C
·      Games
·      Expecting 100 kids and 50 adults from multiple churches
·      Bunk rooms – 8 people per room
·      Lunch and Dinner served*

Miscellaneous Information
·      Identification Card (State issued or School ID)
·      Getting to and from Phoenix
·      Parent Packets

·       Various food fundraisers (Burritos, Hamburgers, etc.)
·       Sponsorships
·       Spaghetti Dinner
·       Car Wash
·       Yard sale
·       Hire for work
·       Donations
·       Selling Candy Bars




July 6th
Fly out From Phoenix

July 7th
Attend C3 Atlanta Church
Meet and greet with all the youth

July 8th
Bus out to Camp
Monday afternoon
Tribal wars – Break up all the students and leaders into 4 teams and colors.
Free time
Night Session
Party Monday night. Themed (Last Year was space jam)

July 9th
Morning session – master classes (mental health, men’s group, women’s group)
Tribal wars
Night session
High School Only session (Glow in the Dark Zipline)

July 10th
Big Free time day (Kids are usually pretty tired by now)
Tribal Wars
Night Session

July 11th
Thursday mornings Baptism
Bus back to C3 Atlanta

July 12th
Fly back to Phoenix.


C3 Cottonwood  
1580 E. Fir Street
Cottonwood AZ, 86326



8:00am - Traditional 
10:15am - Contemporary
7:00pm - Bible Study


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