What's Next? 

Our Pathways Course consist of 3 classes that are designed for you to
CONNECT with others, learn more and grow in the C3 culture, as well as
DEVELOP and EMPOWER the talents and gifts God has created in you.  

Here at C3 Cottonwood, we desire to see you flourish in your relationship with Christ. 
It begins through a connection to people, to the church, and God.  

In your journey, you may have questions about what we believe and why we believe them.

Our C3 Pathways courses will provide answers to your questions as well as building, equipping,
and empowering you for the incredible journey with Jesus that awaits you.

Our prayer is that C3 Cottonwood will be a church where you and your family can plant yourselves and call home.


Connect to God, Vision & Community

Everyone is called to be a disciple, not just be saved. To be a disciple you have to "Connect".  Connecting is the first step of being a part of C3 Cottonwood Church.  We see it as connecting to God, each other, and the church.

How Can I Get Connected?




Develop your gifts

By learning to develop the gifts God has given us, we will be better equipped to lead ourselves and others. 

"There is no discipleship without development and there is no development without discipleship. We are here to disciple you, we are here to develop you. Once we develop people we have a vision to empower people."
- Pastor Jurgen Matthesius of Awaken Church




Empower your purpose

We want you to be filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, to live a powerful life, so you literally live your best life now. We want you to discover your God-designed destiny. We want you to fulfill your God purpose and calling. We want you to live a life filled with powerful Holy Spirit, above every circumstance.

As we SERVE in God's house, we find purpose and fulfillment.  You will have the opportunity to join a team and begin to use your unique design to make an eternal difference in the lives of others! 


We Can't Wait to Meet You! 

We are excited to meet and get to know you! 
If you have any questions about our PATHWAYS classes, please feel free to contact us - we will be happy to talk with you.  
-Talk soon / C3 Pathways Team




C3 Cottonwood  
1580 E. Fir Street
Cottonwood AZ, 86326



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