COVID-19 // Updates

COVID-19 // C3 Cottonwood Updates


Updated:  June 5, 2020

We are excited to announce the reopening of our church on Sunday, June 7, 2020!
We have made some changes to accommodate for social distancing and disinfecting per CDC suggested guidelines. 
We have a team in place to disinfect before and between services, as well as chairs set up to follow social distancing but also still allow families to sit together.  There will be signs on the seats that are not to be used at this time for the recommended spacing. 

We have hand sanitizer available in various locations on campus for your use. 
We encourage those who would like to wear masks/or gloves to services to use your own as we are not providing PPE (personal protective equipment/masks & gloves) at this time but fully respect your choice to use them. 

We have made other accommodations as well during the services to honor CDC guidelines. 

We are excited to have you back in church - in person with us and can't wait to see you!

Transforming Today's Generation
Pastor Frank and Kathleen - Lead Pastors C3 Cottonwood


Updated:  March 19, 2020

The church today is facing some uncharted waters concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19). A virus that is touching every facet of our lives, both personally and corporately. I firmly believe one of my responsibilities is the protection of our church spiritually and physically. In these uncertain times, we have the Word of God to draw strength, wisdom, and direction to help us navigate through this as a church. 
Since learning from our governor that he would close mass gathering events of 50 or more as per CDC national recommendations, I went on a fact-finding mission. After speaking with church leaders, medical personal, and trusted friends, I held a meeting with my staff to discuss the direction our church should take.
We came up with strategies that will be implemented in the interest of public health and following our governor's leadership.

Our Sunday and Wednesday services including, C3 De Cottonwood – our Spanish church, will be canceled for March and re-evaluated as we enter April. Our team is looking to create a fresh and creative way of doing church outside our building. 

Beginning March 22, you can join each service live on the following platforms.

Online services: 
Sunday 8 am & 10:15 am 
Spanish service at 5 pm.

Facebook – C3 Cottonwood page 
YouTube – C3 Cottonwood

Our incredible Celebration of Easter production has been canceled for this year.

Our church campus will close for the remainder of March. We will keep the office open to respond to any calls or emergencies that take place. Our building may be closed, but the church is not – we are the church! 

Let's keep in mind the great promise found in Psalm 46 for each one of us, "God is our mighty fortress, always ready to help in times of trouble, and so, we won't be afraid!" I have stated before that the history of God's incredible church has always prospered when faced with trials and hardships. Today is no different than the days of the bible. Today we are learning to do "church" in a different way with different means. Stay in prayer and stay connected with one another as we trust our God in these times.
As your pastor in these extraordinary times, I'm committed to keeping our church family informed with ways to stay connected with our Lord, our church, and one another. I thank the Lord for our church and my wife and I are honored to be your pastors! Love you guys!
Transforming Today's Generation
Pastor Frank and Kathleen - Lead Pastors C3 Cottonwood



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